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When my wife's HP notebook computer began to fail, she was completely distraught. There was a lot of important data on it and a large number of programs that would be a nightmare to reinstall. We couldn't afford a new computer (not to mention the setup time) so we really needed to get this one fixed -- pronto. We searched for a repair shop nearby and found The Service Department here in Wilsonville.

To my wife's great relief, the problem was solved very quickly. Marcus was able to diagnose the problem as a bad main-board, obtain the replacement part from HP, and complete the repair. He also showed me how to clean the vents to keep the computer from overheating and gave me helpful advice on how to choose an antivirus program.

Since then, we have relied on The Service Department for other computer service needs, including memory upgrades and battery replacement. They have always been extremely friendly and helpful, and we're grateful to have this reliable resource in our neighborhood.

Steve J.

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